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Stephane Wrembel, author of "Getting Into Gypsy Jazz" (Melbay Composer) & Grammy award-winner for the song "Bistro Fada" from "Midnight In Paris" is available for private, online lessons.


Stephane teaches guitar using the Django Reinhardt technique. His teaching includes building an efficient and rational practice routine, improvisation, rhythm, Renaissance counterpoint and harmony. Each student will receive a personalized lesson based on his/her uniqueness. The guitar style of Django Reinhardt is profound. Stephane will make you feel its depth.


Lessons can be conducted in French or English.


Guitar World/Essential Approaches to Warming Up:


Guitar World/Utilizing Basic Chord Shapes For Improvisation:


DC Music School/Internal Rhythm (Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lesson Excerpt):


DC Music School/Bistro Fada (Midnight In Paris-Gypsy Jazz):


Please email for pricing and to schedule a lesson

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