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06/09 The Cope House, Philadelphia, PA 
06/10 Halvorson's [5:00pm], Burlington, VT
06/10 Halvorson's [7:30pm], Burlington, VT
06/12 Caffee Lena [5:30pm], Saratoga Springs, NY
06/12 Caffee Lena [8:30pm], Saratoga Springs, NY
07/23 The Sanctuary, East Haddam, CT
07/24 The Sanctuary, East Haddam, CT


06/03 The Woodlands, Maplewood, NJ 
06/04 The Woodlands, Maplewood, NJ
06/05 The Woodlands
, Maplewood, NJ
06/06 DROM, New York City, NY


Stephane is pleased to announce Django A Gogo Festival 2021, which will be held Thursday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 6th comprising 4 concerts and an intensive 2-day guitar workshop. This world class event celebrates the music and life of legendary musician and composer Django Reinhardt. The concert repertoire follows the Django canon and veers into reinterpretation, improvisation and interplay between artists from various backgrounds performed at the highest level of musicianship...